Finder - Project 1

Rageef Subramaniam of Arabi Production in association with Vinoth Rajendran of Viyan Ventures is jointly producing the movie ‘Finder’, a movie based on real-life incidents laced with thriller moments. The film’s pooja and title launch this morning (November 28, 2022) with a ritual ceremony.The story, set against the backdrops of Chennai, is based on a real-life incident revolving around an organization in the United States that finds people incarcerated for a long time for crimes they did not commit, proves them innocent, and gets compensation from the government.The film, interwoven with a gripping screenplay that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, is directed by Vinoth Rajendran. Actor Charle plays a pivotal character in this movie, which will be a turning point in the story.Charlie, Sendrayan, Gopinath, Dharani, Brana, and others are a part of the star cast.